Long Game

As we get past our superficial material wants and instant gratification we connect to a deeper part of ourselves, as well as to others. and the universe – Judith Wright

It takes a lot of practice, focus and patience to play the long game.

When I was 19 I set myself a goal to buy a house, pay it off and become debt free. Now as I approach my thirty third birthday that goal has become a reality.

When I started my cleaning business my goal was to create a company worth around $75,000 and flip it for a quick profit. How short sighted of me…

A lot has changed in the world since I first set my goal of owning a home. We live in a bubble of instant gratification. Everything is available at the push of a button. Don’t know the answer? Google it. Need it tomorrow? Amazon Prime. Don’t have the money? Credit.

The key to playing the long game is to put on your blinkers and ignore the noise.

Put down the phone. Delete the apps. Forget the selfies. Stop curating the perfect social media “life” and start living your real life!

Sit down with a paper and pen and start jotting down all the things that are important to you. Everything from health and relationships to career and money. Now take these aspects of your life and expand upon them. Dream big. Set goals. Revisit this list often and add or subtract from it as your needs and interests change, but always keep the end goal in mind.

Playing the long game can be lonely – It’s a path walked by very few people. Staying focused can be difficult and sometimes it feels as though your not making any progress. Don’t stray from the path. The rewards at the end are immeasurable.

Understand that you’ll probably be on this planet for the better part of seventy years. If you don’t get caught up in the noise you’ll have plenty of time to achieve amazing things.

What will you create? What will you accomplish? What legacy will you leave?

 Immediate gratification is a dream killer РBryant McGill

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