How to start a cleaning business: 8 – Marketing on Instagram

“Marketing is a contest for people’s attention” – Seth Godin

Instagram is a great tool to showcase products and services and engage with potential clients. When starting out, it’s important to create a content strategy. Content needs to be engaging and relevant to your target market.

Personally, I’ve taken a service-centric approach. I regularly post photos of completed jobs, as well as before and after pics. Video’s and Stories have the same theme and complement the marketing strategy.

A portfolio of work on my Instagram page
Occasionally I’ll showcase ‘behind the scenes’ aspects of my day. This could be my daily routine, meetings with clients, networking events etc. This gives the viewing audience a chance to get to ‘know’ me and better understand the culture behind the company.

Consistent posts increase visibility, engagement and number of followers. I don’t tend to schedule posts. I generally have a bank of photos saved to my phone that I can post at optimal times to increase reach. These times include:

  • Monday to Thursday between 0600 – 0800 and 1930 – 2030
  • Sunday between 1930 – 2030

Regarding frequency, I tend to post ever three to four days, preferring quality and consistency over quantity.

I try to add a comment to each post to increase engagement. These can also be related to the photo and the company. Some examples include:

  • We don’t cut corners, we polish them
  • We clean it like we own it
  • I’ve got 99 problems but customer satisfaction ain’t one


Hashtags are essential. Again these are directed toward my target market, service and industry.

Something that I haven’t tried yet is Instagram promotions or contests. These are generally used to increase engagement and get your followers talking about your product or service. Ideas include:

  • Comment to enter
  • Photo contests
  • Sharing posts to other platforms
  • Clicking links that redirect to websites or product pages

Paid advertisement is also an option for Instagram. I’ve used this in the past in tandem with a Facebook advertising strategy. I was able to generate click-throughs to my website and converted three leads into ongoing contracts. However, I get just as many leads through the free strategies mentioned above.

Lastly there’s the instant messaging function. I’ve successfully used this by reaching out to potential customers to introduce myself and offer my services. For example, I recently picked up a lead by reaching out to an organisation, messaging them the following:

“Hi ……. I just wanted to briefly touch base to see if you were currently in need of a cleaner for your showroom in Fyshwick? I service a number of showrooms throughout Canberra including the …….. showroom in Mitchell, which is very similar to your own. Feel free to drop me a line if you’d like to chat. Best, Brendan”

This messaging strategy is simple, easy and free. Your prospective client can also view your portfolio of work which adds weight to your proposal.

“The best marketing of all is happy clients” – Susan Stripling

How do you use social media to market your product or service?

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