A day in the life of a Canberra cleaner – Commercial and cricket

An early start this morning. Up at 0500. Shower. Breakfast. Coffee.

I was at my first job, Subsdance dance dtudio by 0630. I vac’d the three MDF dance floors, polished the twenty odd mirrors and cleaned the office. I polished the glass entrance doors, emptied the bins, sanitised the common surfaces and was on my way by 0830.


I got to the Bom Funk dance studio by 0900 and took a quick coffee break before hooking in. I scrubbed the toilet blocks and kitchenettes, catch mopped the studio floors, vac’d the corridors and polished the mirrors. Lastly I wet mopped the studio floors and common areas, finishing up around midday.


Left-over pizza and coffee for lunch.

I reached Special Eyes Optometrists in Woden by 1230. A general dry dust followed by a moist dust of all the surfaces, chairs, reception area and optometrist equipment. I cleaned the kitchen, vac’d the floors, polished the glass entrance doors and mopped the wet areas. Back on the road by 1400.


I reached my last job, L & D Consulting by 1430. Again I started with a general dust including the skirting and sills before cleaning the kitchen and toilets. I vac’s the floors, emptied the bins, polished the glass entrance doors and mopped the wet areas.


Home by 1630. Hot chocolate. Cookie. Cricket. Admin. Invoicing. Blog writing.


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