How to start a cleaning business: 7 – Marketing on Facebook

“Social is not a place for a hard sell. It’s a place to build trust and credibility” – Julio Viskovich

It goes without saying that in this day and age, social media marketing is a must. Dr Cal Newport may disagree, and good luck to him, he’s doing well. But the benefits of social media marketing are obvious when starting a business from scratch.

With over 1.23 billion active users, Facebook is here to stay. At least for the short term. Therefore, marketing on Facebook was one of my main priorities.


There are three Facebook tools that can be used to market the business – Pages, ads and groups.


The first thing I did was set up a business page. This outlines my business particulars and includes a link to my website, as well as contact details and opening hours, while the ‘about’ section tells visitors a little something about myself and the company. People can ‘like’ the page and receive updates every time I make a post. Pages are cost free and easy to set up, though building a strong following can be difficult.

I use this page to upload images of completed jobs and before and after photos. I also post links to related articles and recent blog posts. These posts can be like and shared, which in turn increases their reach.

Around sixty percent of my new domestic clients found me through my Facebook business page. I’ve found that using relevant hashtags and engaging with your audience can improve your Facebook SEO.

I think the key here is to go easy on the frequency of uploads. No-one likes to be spammed. Focus on quality over quantity. Add value with relevant articles while occasionally spruiking your product/service.


Once I’d set up my business page and defined my target market, I created several customised Facebook ads geared towards my ideal audience. Facebook gives you the ability to target specific geographic areas, gender, age and occupation among others. There is a cost involved when creating ads. This varies depending on your ad campaign but it can get quite expensive.

FB Ad Campagin

I’ve run several ad campaigns in different formats with different goals in mind. I generally use this method to target potential domestic clients, and it does work. I generated three leads with my last month-long Facebook ad campaign, converting all three into ongoing contracts worth $6,240 annually. If your thinking of running a Facebook ad campaign, here’s some more info to help you out.

“Nobody reads ads. People read what interests them. Sometimes it’s an ad”. – Howard Gossage


I haven’t yet created a group. Groups are essentially forums. You can create a group based on your particular product or service, giving potential customers a place to engage with you and others through online conversation. Groups are free but time consuming as they involve constant active participation on your behalf.

You can use groups to build your community or offer exclusive deals on your product or service. You can promote events such as product launches or stay in touch with brand ambassadors or staff members.

Do you market on Facebook? Share your strategies in the comments section below!


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