A day in the life of a Canberra cleaner – Commercial, domestic and a long lunch

6am. Shower. Breakfast. Coffee.

In a bid to start taking better care of my health I decided to pack my morning tea and lunch, rather than purchase something from the bakery.



I was at my first job by 0800. A domestic clean (2 bed, 1 bath + common areas) for $80.


Back on the road by 1000, I reached my second job in Jerrabomberra by 1030. Another domestic clean (3 bed, 1 bath + common areas) $80. The owners were home and I had a good chat to them before finishing up at 1300.

KD 1

I took an hour for lunch and sat under the shade of a tree eating my packed meal. I did some reading too. I usually read a lot of business related books, however I’m currently making my way through ‘Wherever you go, there you are’. I guess I’m trying to be more mindful in the way I go about my days while focusing on what really matters.

I started my next job in Fyshwick at 1400. A glass and glazing showroom that I clean on a fortnightly basis (2 hours, $120). A thunderstorm passed over and brought with it a lot of rain which was nice to listen to while polishing glass.

EGlaze 1

I was finished by 1600 and made my way to the final job of the day, a registered training organisation in Gold Creek (1.75 hours, $80).

Mantra 1

I finished up by 1815 and was home for nachos and beers by 1830. I even caught a few episodes of the new ‘Humans of New York Series‘. I don’t watch a lot of TV but I highly recommend this series. A lot of the stories really put life into perspective.

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