My name’s Brendan. I own and operate CBR Cleaning services.


CBR Clean was established when my wife Genevieve opened the 6th Position Dance studio. Genevieve struggled to find a cleaning service provider that could cater to her needs and budget as a new business owner. After much persuasion, I was roped into doing the dirty work and juggled this with my part-time job, working as a nurse in mental health rehab.

After several months, I was approached by another dance studio owner who requested that I clean her studio too, and so a seed was planted. I decided to approach every dance studio in Canberra to offer my services as a cleaner and was soon servicing a total of five studios. I’m proud to say that CBR Cleaning services has become Canberra’s preferred cleaning service provider.


As CBR Cleaning services continued to grow, I was forced to make a tough decision: continue building a cleaning business or develop my career as a mental health nurse. I’m sure you can guess what happened next.

I resigned from my position with ACT Health and continued to build the business. Before long, I found myself servicing yoga studios, offices, showrooms and registered training organisations. One of my commercial clients requested I clean her home, which lead me into the domestic cleaning market. I now service homes from the north to south of Canberra.


I’ve thoroughly enjoyed building CBR Cleaning services into a well respected cleaning service provider and enjoy connecting with business owners throughout Canberra. I’ll continue to build CBR Clean into a market leading cleaning service provider and will grow into new markets in the coming year.

If I can help you in any way at all, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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